To me there is more to photography than just knowing how to master a camera. Next to the commercial assignments -which I love doing- I mostly spend my time making my owm, freetime photographs. The search for that special location, the planning upfront, the journey, the execution and the result... Piece by piece parts which makes everything as a whole very diverse and challenging. This way each photo has his own adventure. An adventure which I gladly share by offering my most special work as fine-art prints.


The classic approach:

These days there are endless possibilities onto which material you can print a photo. But in the end, there is nothing like a good piece of paper ready for framing. My photo's are printed on high quality paper and is not only tested for a perfect print result, but also proven for it's longevity without fading due to UV damage. The 'limited editions' are to be printed on unique Hahnemühle paper and afterwards laminated for a robust finish. Other printing materials are available on request.


How to order:

To keep things a bit more personal I do not have an automated webshop. Prints can be ordered by sending me an e-mail (in Dutch or English) to prints@verbruci.nl and don't forget to mention the name of the photo and desired quantity. Shipping costs vary for each destination and ordered size. Please ask me for an exact quote on the shipping costs.