Well that was a first! To do a shoot on Iceland for a client is just totally epic. The goal was to portray the daily tasks of an internship and to create some scenic shots as well. The first is a bit difficult to show here due to several (privacy) reasons, but the scenic stuff is just too nice to be kept solely on my harddrive. Therefor I’ve posted a few photos I took during the 60 hours I was given to fullfill this awesome job. The first day I spent a full day at sea to spot the whales that reside before the coast of Reykjavik. All day at sea in bad weahter resulted in some severe seasickness and only one whale breach which I missed to photgraph, ofcourse. This stuff always happens when you’re not looking through the viewfinder of your camera. The second day we took on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and drove in awe for over 500 kilometers and 16 hours. The weather already cleared the night before and we were bound to see some amazing scenery that day..!