Iceland 2018

So it was that time again. Iceland is a truly captivating and desolate place of our world and for the 4th time I just had to go there. Iceland is like a drug. It gets you high, makes you spend money faster than a kid in a toy store and it definitely leaves you wanting for more. The upside is, as long as you’re being careful that is, it doesn’t wreck your body and spirit.

Teamed with my father and a worn out Land Rover Defender, we set a course for adventure through the abandoned Highlands. Roads like the F88, F905, F910, F821, F752, F899, F35 and F26 are absolute killers and quite the challange for men and machine. If you’re thinking about going to Iceland, don’t think any longer. Just go! Here are some photos I took along the way to convince you.